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TCMS Reseller Program
TCMS Referral Program
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TCMS Reseller Program

TCMS works with domestic resellers and international distributors to promote computer telephony solutions in specific markets and geographic locations. Resellers and distributors may offer TCMS products and solutions as stand-alone or as a part of an overall integrated application solution. TCMS is committed to support its resellers and distributors through a variety of partner programs that include ongoing product training, marketing, and technical assistance.

TCMS Computer Telephony Resellers & Distributors network connection provides you with
Computer Telephony Software Solution


Computer Telephony Software Solution


Computer Telephony Software Solution

Needed Business Development Support

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Specialized Pricing

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Welcome Kit

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Customizable Marketing Material & Marketing Support

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Dedicated Technical Support Hotline

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Web Access

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Qualified Leads

Computer Telephony Software Solution

Product Training Programs

Thank you for your interest in becoming TCMS VAR.

To learn more about our VAR/Distributor program, please complete and submit the following form. Upon review of your query, a TCMS representative will be in contact with you. Thank you for your interest.

TCMS Reseller Network Application Form

TCMS Referral Program

Thank you for your inquiry about TCTECNO Referral Program. Please don't let the word "Reseller" scare you. We don't want you to "sell" anything. We want to PAY you for your referrals. At TCMS Corp, we understand that much time and care is invested in acquiring a new client. You can feel confident that our entire support team will give your customer the most competitive pricing available with kind and considerate treatment.

An Additional Income Source

At TCMS Corp., we understand that the highest compliment in the industry is to be recommended by others. We have, therefore, established a unique TCTECNO Referral Program, by which our existing clients refer businesses to TCMS Corp. This reseller payment option is ideal for everyone.

By registering your business with our Referral Program, referrals submitted by your company turn into income, and not simply satisfied associates. Each referral received from your company's Referral Agent Code will be properly accredited to your account and converted into an additional income source through residual and bonus income. Register your company below and begin receiving bonus revenue.

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TCMS Reseller program
TCMS Referral program
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