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Telemarketing Laws/State Rules

  Federal and State Regulations (Laws) may impose restrictions on the ability to solicit by telephone or facsimile. These regulations vary from state to state. Violation of such regulations may result in severe penalties and other sanctions.

Any person intending to use our dialing products (software, voiceboard, etc) for solicitation purposes should consult an Attorney to determine the extent, if any, of permissible activities

Because of different laws from state to state, and country to country and because we are not lawyers we are unable to render a legal opinion. We suggest you check with your local Public Utility Commission, Attorney General or you can check our legal links. Federal regulations which govern "Cold Call Solicitation" come under the guidelines of the TCPA of 1991. A copy may be obtained through the FCC office in Washington DC.

The basic jest of the 1991 TCPA regulations, with regards to automated tele computers, is that you obtain expressed prior consent of the called party, before playing them a "Recorded Solicitation" message. The TCMS dialer has the capabilities of doing such again and again, this deals with "Cold Calling" for solicitation purposes. Business to Business contact or Non-Profit use of the equipment as well as Consent calling, or survey work, has very limited restrictions other than normal PUC guidelines regulated by your local phone company. TCMS is in no way trying to interpret the TCPA of 1991 by the above comments, nor the laws in your state. Ultimately, it is up to you to check out the legal requirements, and make your own informed decisions.

Notice: Below we have provided links to the Public Utility Commissions of each state. It is your responsibility to research the laws for your state.

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