Call center services & support Call center services & support
Call center services & supportCall center services & support Call center services & support
Call center services & support Call center services & support Call center services & support Call center services & support Call center services & supportCall center services & support Call center services & support Call center services & support
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Total Call Management Solution is committed to provide its customers superior service and support. Our initial consultative approach helps businesses to incorporate customer contact solutions and optimize return on investments. Customer services at TCMS Inc. initiates prior to sales call and strives for complete customer satisfaction through out the life of business relationship.
We Offer

Web self-service.


Remote computer access by our technical department.


Technical support on phone.


Email response for upgrades, text support and technical issues.


Online documentation support.


Built in audio & video displays software for training and easy deployment.


Freely available upgrades and respective downloads.

Hours of Operation.
Monday to Friday: 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM (Pacific Standard Time Zone).

Inside USA, Canada Please Call Following Nos.
Telephone Toll Free (800) 984 7001 or (818) 758 8600 Fax: (818) 758 8602

Out Side USA, Canada Please Call Following Nos.
Telephone (818) 758 8600 Fax (818) 343 6888

Hours of operation for Technical Support (For Customers Only).
Monday to Friday: 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM (Eastern Standard Time Zone).
Toll Free (800) 606 8606.

Use of TCMS automated call processing software makes communication with customers easier, by providing call center management solutions and customer relation management (CRM) solutions. The Inbound and Outbound technology and other call center telemarketing software provide the comfort of automated help desk, bilingual, back end automation capabilities, call management system and providing advanced call center services without adding any overheads, but increasing the bottom line for businesses.

Please fill following on line inquiry form below for prompt and quick response from us.

Our customer service department returns all the calls the same day, if you send an inquiry form before 1.00 PM.

If you are filling on line form after 1.00 PM, customer service representative will return the calls before 5.00 pm same day or before 12.00 pm next business day.

(Otherwise we give you free customized script done and recorded for your business absolutely free to you with the purchase of any solution from TCMS.)

Schedule On Line Demo

If you are interested to know how our solutions can help you in streamlining your business and make your call processes more efficient, schedule on line demo with our friendlier customer service representatives.

It would only take a few minutes to schedule on line demo.

TCMS is pleased to offer you an interactive on line demo. All you need to have a computer with an internet connection and a separate telephone line and you could be interacting with our call automation software on line.

Through unique user name and password you would get connected to our server and while connected to our server, you would find our technical sales manager on line who will guide you through the whole application. And you will experience the whole software running on your own computer.

Please call for Schedule Demo at (800) 984 7001 or at (818) 758 8600.


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  Service & support
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