Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and moneyPredictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and moneyPredictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money
Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money
Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money
Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money
Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and moneyPredictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and moneyPredictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money
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  Predictive Dialer Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money
Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money Product Tour
Predictive dialer and telemarketing software enables you to save time and money Brochure: PDF| HTML
  Call Center Software ($195/Port one time cost)

Predictive Dialer

  Predictive Dialer Software, Call Center Software Solutions, & CRM Management Software Solutions by TCMS.

Predictive dialer efficiently and accurately screens out answering machines, busy signals, operator intercepts, fax lines etc. and passes through only live connects to agents. This allows for maximum call center efficiency and can improve overall contact rates by as much as 300% over manual dialing. Our predictive dialers will save you time and money with each business call. Our predictive dialers make the call for the telephone agents automatically. They transfer calls to the agent after the initial contact. All answering services are avoided with our predictive dialers. To ensure the accuracy of the predictive dialers, we’ve created predictive dialer software that adjusts to all calling patterns as needed. The predictive dialer software acts as a management system for complete predictive dialer solutions. Predictive Dialing uses sophisticated software algorithms to maximize the productivity and efficiency of outbound contact center.

If your business calls a large number of clients in a limited period of time, your telephone agents will need the assistance of our predictive dialers. TCMS'S unsurpassed predictive dialer capabilities increase agent productivity by up to 300%, eliminating non-productive calls in order to keep agents talking. The predictive dialer enables agents to spend up to 75 percent of each hour talking rather than dialing, resulting in lower costs per transaction and increased contact rates. Effective for large or small telemarketing groups, the dialing software includes precision that ensures agents receive calls and the associated data simultaneously. Agent productivity is enhanced with capabilities to anticipate when to place the next call and how to detect unproductive calls such as busy signals, answering machines, no answers and disconnects. There is no delay time between the call transfers to live agents. (Period) Please call in our customer service department for a live demo. We guarantee you that you would like what we have to offer.

Overview of predictive dialer

Imagine that you have a team of 12 to 15 telemarketing agents, each with a telephone in hand and an endless list of phone numbers to call. Agents A, B and C dial the first number on their lists and each receive an answering machine. Agents D and E both receive busy signals. Agent F has just called a number that is not in service. Agents G and H both connect to a live person and begin making their pitch. What just happened? Essentially, three-quarters of your agents have just wasted their own time, as well as your time and money. Predictive Dialer eliminates this wasted time and effort, while drastically increasing sales efficiency. So, what exactly is the Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialer is a system of outbound calling that dials without an agent on the line. The system dials out from a list of phone numbers in a database and, based on the status of the call, performs an action. If the call has been connected to a live person, it will automatically transfer the call to an available agent. If the line is busy or not in service, or if an answering machine has been detected, the system will mark this in the database and not transfer the call to an agent. Also, if all agents are currently on the line, the outgoing call will be dropped until an agent is available.

You may be asking, "Why is it called the Predictive Dialer?" Well, it is predictive because it automatically adjusts to calling patterns, the number of agents, and the average call length. If calls are short, the dialer dials on more lines. If fewer agents are available, the dialer dials less frequently. If calling patterns change, the dialer changes with them. Also predictive dialer is able to handle multiple projects, and multiple calling lists, seamlessly switching between them. Finally, the dialer allows you to modify the frequency with which the dialer "abandons" a call. An abandoned call occurs when a live person picks up the phone, but there are no available agents to take the call. When the person hangs up the phone before the dialer switches the call to an agent, the call is "abandoned". The dialer enables an administrator to adjust the calling rate to minimize abandoned calls.

Features and Benefits of predictive dialer

The benefits of choosing predictive dialer over manual dialing are enormous. There is no question that a predictive dialer pays for itself within a matter of months.
Identifying business success yardstick – Individual management goals for each campaign.
Accurate call monitoring - Lower abandonment, more readily available resources and stricter compliance with service level agreements.
Increased efficiency - Accurate algorithm calculation and fast adjustment.
Productive contact - Different contact modes applicable in different scenarios, such as B2B and highly targeted campaigns.
More successful contacts - Adherence to contact time of day restrictions.
Increased dial list penetration - Option to play a recorded message when an answering machine is detected.
Reduced idle time - Significant reduction of unproductive agent time.
Call Efficiency per Agent
Retention Rate and Morale Agent

Predictive Dialer, besides making calling more efficient, makes calling less tedious. Telemarketing has the lowest retention rate out of any job in the nation. An average telemarketer will work six hours before he quits. Using the Predictive Dialer and reducing the tediousness of telemarketing will greatly increase your agent retention rate as well as agent productivity. Also, by seeing his own results, an agent's morale will increase dramatically, which will only add to his efficiency.

A TCMS Predictive empowers call centers so that agents can spend up to 50 minutes of each hour talking to live prospects. Now telemarketer agent needs no longer waste his time making cold calls to prospective clients. Predictive dialer system makes an initial call on behalf of an agent and transfers a call to an agent with the data about the customer on the agent's computer screen. Thus, increasing the productivity of agents and thus increase the bottom line. You do not need to have armies of telephone operators waiting for calls from clients. With predictive dialing software, it not only generates new leads but also gets you relevant feedback from the clients

Our automated call processing software improves agent productivity by automatically dialing numbers from a database and processing the calls according to the call result. TCMS predictive dialing system can respond to a fax tone with a pre-prepared fax, leave messages on the answering machines, and reschedule unanswered and busy calls. Predictive dialer can balance the call load as well

Call Efficiency per Agent Clearly, efficiency and agent morale and retention lead to one thing: profit.

Revenues have increased over three times, and profit has increased almost ten times. The fact is simple: if you talk to more people, you will get more leads. it is purely numbers scenario


Web-Enabled Agent - capitalize on Internet technology to customize the solution to meet the needs of your business.
Inbound Call Routing and Screen Pop! - Predictive dialing call routing to the agent with caller information automatically displayed on screen.
Scalable - from 4 to 480 seats and up!
Open Architecture - integrate or expand with off-the-shelf products or computers already in your business.
Relational Database - predictive dialing includes MS Access. Also compatible with MS SQL Server (not included).
Inbound/Outbound Call Blending – It is complete suite of product with both outbound and inbound call automation capabilities.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / ACD (Automated Call Distribution) - user configurable IVR, changeable without stopping the system.
Digitized Recording - record and archive portions of the conversation for later retrieval.
Time Zone Sensitive Dialing - automatically starts and stops dialing a time zone at the user defined time.
Exclusive Appointment Scheduling Calendar - empower your agents to schedule by campaign, by location or sales representative.
Voice Broadcast Messaging - predictive dialing allows you to leave pre-recorded messages to dialer-detected answering machines.
Unlimited Flexible Scripting - branch logic, simple “on the fly” editing and unlimited data capture, use pick lists, modifiable pick lists and open-ended responses to gather critical customer information.
Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously - predictive dialing allows up to 80 with full control over pacing, reporting and data fields of each individual campaign.
Managed Callbacks by Agent or Station - agent-scheduled date and time for automatic callbacks. Edit, delete and re-assign callbacks from the manager station.
Fully Customizable Data Fields - you decide what data you want to accumulate
Comprehensive Reporting - the information you need to make management decisions immediately.
Compliance with No Call Laws - built in “no call compliance” list management.
Exclusive Voice and Data Transfer and / or Conferencing.
Offsite Third Party Remote Verification.
Silent Monitoring - with break-in capability.

FTC/FCC Compliance

TCMS Dialer products are fully compliant with all the latest rules and regulations as outlined by both the FTC and FCC regarding outbound dialing and the National Do Not Call Registry. TCMS predictive dialer can be configured to meet all the necessary requirements and be in full compliance with the latest regulations and safeguarding your organization interests. (FTC Site) (Do Not Call List)

Federal Trade Commission's Telemarketing Sales Rule

On January 29, 2003, The Federal Trade Commission published the final amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) in the Federal Register. This rule became effective on March 31, 2003 and has important implications for users of predictive dialers, telemarketing software, and telemarketing/call center operations. TCMS is ready to help you meet these new regulations today.

What is the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR)?

The original TSR was the outgrowth of the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of 1994 that went into effect on December 31, 1995. The law required the rule to be reviewed after 5 years. While that law was being reviewed, the USA Patriot Act of 2001 was passed. This has had a significant impact on the call center operations and regulations.
The parts of the amended TSR that impact users of predictive dialers, telemarketing software and call center services are:

Call Abandonment - A "safe harbor" standard has been set stating that no one will be charged under this regulation if they can document that three conditions are met:

1. Dropped Calls - No more than 3% of the calls can be abandoned. (Measured per day and per campaign.

2. Ring Time -
Calls must be allowed to ring four times (or 15 seconds) before they can be dropped as no answer.

3. Marketer Connect Time - If a call is answered, an agent must be available within two seconds after the receiver of the call finishes his greeting or a recorded message must be left giving the caller's name and phone number.


Failure to be non-compliant can lead to fines of up to $11,000 per incident per day.

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