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  Call Center Software ($195/Port one time cost)

Predictive Dialer - Brochure HTML

“TCMS Predictive Dialers increases per agent productivity by 300% to 400 % in call centers and slashes down operational and marketing overheads up to 60%.

If your business calls a large number of clients in a limited period of time, your telephone agents will need the assistance of our predictive dialers. TCMS'S unsurpassed predictive dialer capabilities increase agent productivity by up to 400%, eliminating non-productive calls in order to keep agents talking. The predictive dialer enables agents to spend up to 75% percent of each hour talking rather than dialing, resulting in lower costs per transaction and increased contact rates. Effective for large or small telemarketing groups, the dialing software includes precision that ensures agents receive calls and the associated data simultaneously either on their computer or on their phones. Agent productivity is enhanced with capabilities to anticipate when to place the next call and how to detect unproductive calls such as busy signals, answering machines, no answers and disconnects. There is no delay time in between the call transfers to live agents. (Period) Please call in our customer service department for a live demo. We guarantee you that you would be amazed what we have to offer.

Imagine that you have a team of 12 to 15 telemarketing agents, each with a telephone in hand and an endless list of phone numbers to call. Agents A, B and C dial the first number on their lists and each receives an answering machine. Agents D and E both receive busy signals. Agent F has just called a number that is not in service. Agents G and H both connect to a live person and begin making their pitch. What just happened? Essentially, three-quarters of your agents have just wasted their own time, as well as your time and money. Predictive Dialer eliminates this wasted time and effort, while drastically increasing sales efficiency. So, what exactly is the Predictive Dialer?

Predictive dialers efficiently and accurately screen out answering machines, busy signals, operator intercepts, fax lines etc. and passes through only live connects to agents. This allows for maximum call center efficiency and can improve overall contact rates by as much as 400% over manual dialing. Predictive dialers will save you time and money with each business call. Predictive dialers make the call for the telephone agents automatically. To ensure the accuracy of the predictive dialers, we’ve predictive dialer software that adjusts to all calling patterns as needed. The predictive dialer software acts as a management system for complete predictive dialer solutions. Predictive Dialing uses sophisticated software algorithms to maximize the productivity and efficiency of outbound contact center.

You may be asking, "Why is it called the Predictive Dialer?" Well, it is predictive because it automatically adjusts to calling patterns, the number of agents, and the average call length. If calls are short, the dialer dials on more lines. If fewer agents are available, the dialer dials less frequently. If calling patterns change, the dialer changes with them. Also predictive dialer is able to handle multiple projects, and multiple calling lists, seamlessly switching between them. Finally, the dialer allows you to modify the frequency with which the dialer "abandons" a call. An abandoned call occurs when a live person picks up the phone, but there are no available agents to take the call. When the person hangs up the phone before the dialer switches the call to an agent, the call is "abandoned". The dialer enables an administrator to adjust the calling rate to minimize abandoned calls.

Predictive Dialer, besides making calling more efficient, makes calling less tedious. Telemarketing has the lowest retention rate out of any job in the nation. An average telemarketer will work six hours before he quits. Using the Predictive Dialer and reducing the tediousness of telemarketing will greatly increase your agent retention rate as well as agent productivity. Also, by seeing his own results, an agent's morale will increase dramatically, which will only add to his efficiency.

A TCMS Predictive empowers call centers so that agents can spend up to 50 minutes of each hour talking to live prospects., it not only generates new leads but, also gets you relevant feedback from the clients.

Call Efficiency per Agent Clearly, efficiency and agent morale and retention lead to one thing: profit. The following chart gives you an idea of how much a predictive dialer can increase profits by revenues have increased over three times, and profit has increased almost ten times. The fact is simple: if you talk to more people, you will get more leads. it is purely numbers scenario.

Predictive Dialer Software Features

Predictive Dialer Software is a system of outbound calling that dials without the agent on the line. Predictive Dialer Software dials the phone, listens and when a live "hello" is detected, automatically transfers the call to an available agent. Predictive Dialer Software places numerous calls simultaneously, checking each number for a live "hello" or for another call disposition. If the call is busy, no answer, not working, etc., the dialer either discards or reschedules the call, then dials another number. The dialer is predictive because it anticipates when the next agent will become available, and when the next "hello" will be detected.
PEC's Predictive Dialer Software automatically adjusts to calling patterns, the number of agents, and the average call length. If calls are short, a dialer should dial more lines. If fewer agents are available, a dialer should dial less frequently. If calling patterns change, the dialer should change with them. It should also be able to handle multiple projects, and multiple calling lists, seamlessly switching between them. Finally, one should be able to modify the frequency with which the dialer "abandons" a call. An abandoned call occurs when a live person picks up the phone, but there are no available agents to take the call. When the person hangs up the phone before the dialer switches the call to an agent, the call is "abandoned". A high quality dialer enables an administrator to adjust the calling rate to minimize abandoned calls.

More features for Predictive Dialer Software:

Agent Log On
Predictive Dialer Software allows the agents to log themselves on to any station and any campaign, right from the workstation. The agent can change campaigns, while remaining at his or her desk. This eliminates the need for the supervisor to go to the dialer and change the campaigns.

Agent Call Back Scheduling
Predictive Dialer software from “Total Call Management Solutions” is a complete solution to using computer based telephony services for marketing, sales, surveys, customer service and collections.
The system uses a very flexible campaign structure to allow the administrator to create campaigns to automate many types of business activities. The combination of calls and mail based activities processed in a user defined "stepped" campaign allows for highly complex processes to be automated. Security for users is tightly controlled, and allows for true call center automation.
The system is completely PC based, and uses a Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Novell NetWare File Server and PC LAN to provide services to support the operation of the system.
Dedicates LANs, Servers and PCs are not required. Existing hardware can be utilized in an environment that is PC LAN based with a file server. Supported Phone Hardware includes the "Stand Alone" International Dialing Engine with Dialogic Cards for Calling and Station Management and the "Phone Switch"
Custom Integration services are available directly from the developer to interface with corporate databases and accounting systems, or the user can develop applications to interface with the TCMS databases. Full Data Dictionaries for all databases and indexes are included with system. TCMS is licensed on a Telephony user basis. The numbers of agents using Data Entry and Manual Outbound/Inbound modes are not restricted.

Appointment Scheduling
Appointments can be scheduled right from the any agent’s desk. Following screen shows Appointment Management utilities.

Agent’s Desk Schedule option

Agent’s Desk Date and Time Schedule option

Appointment details with directions for effective scheduling

Appointment setting with optimized successful scheduling execution

Automatic Report Print Out
The CSR can automatically print a report with a term code. For example, if someone wants to be taken off the list, the agent will term the call, as a coded tag and a sheet will automatically print it so that the supervisor is able to log the number. This works for sales, callbacks or any other termination code.

Agent Statistics on the screen
The TCMS® system’s active color displays agent campaign statistics. It will also provide a status as to what state the call is at all times.

Application Programmers Interface (API)
TCMS® also includes an API, which allows any third party developer or third party application to easily and seamlessly connect to the dialer. For example in-house customer service applications, mortgage banking system’s, to name a few.

Answering Machine Detection
TCMS® has the ability to detect more than 85% of the answering machines on the market.

Agent Break Control
Breaks can be initiated at agent stations without disrupting the dialing engine. This feature can be enabled/disabled for each agent while the system is running.

Call Blending
The TCMS® system supports multi-application inbound/outbound calls. Agent screens databases will change as inbound calls are received and outbound calls will slow to accommodate the blending. The campaign speed will adjust all the call flow type change.

Call Backs
Your agents can schedule callbacks to either their ownselves or to any agent in the group at a set date and time. This feature maintains individual account portfolios, providing increased personalized service to customers.

Call Transfer
An agent can transfer a call to another agent or supervisor for information verification, product sale or service assistant- in the same office or across the country. Your caller gets the benefit of an immediate response and the agent is instantly available to take another call the moment the call is released.

Call Conferencing
Every agent station can be enabled to connect three-way calls for teleconferencing. This is especially beneficial.

Create a Call List
A call list can be created from any source of data not just a main table using any type of existing data from the results table or new data.

Dialer Control from the Administration Console
The dialer can be controlled from anywhere that the administration console is running. Using the feature, the supervisor does not have to leave his or her desk to control aspects of the dialer and he can also set-up the dialer from any computer on the network that has the administration console running.

Digital Announcement Space
The system can play a greeting message for inbound callers. A second message the on-hold message can be set up to play to the customer while waiting for the next agent. These inbound messages are ACD-specific. This second message often includes advertising or product announcements. An optional outbound message can be played to the called party prior to switching the call to the agent in outbound predictive mode. These messages are campaign-specific.

Dedicated Sales Lines
Dedicated lines can be set up for dedicated services such as verification. Line usage is also available on the system to determine if enough lines have been dedicated to the process.

Editing Software
TCMS® provides the capability of editing fields in the system either during a call or after call completion from either an agent’s workstation or their employee’s workstation.

Export Utility Wizard
This feature allows you to export any data.

Graphical Display
The dialer can graphically display all inbound and outbound call activity for campaigns, agents, and the system.

Goal Oriented Pacing
Goal oriented pacing compensates for incoming calls, adjusting automatically the dialing speed to maintain an efficient dialing connect rate. While monitoring the calling process in real-time, pacing is dynamically adjusted to calls and efficient agent utilization.

History Table
This feature lets you view the complete history for a telephone number.

Inbound Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

Automated call distribution is a PBX feature, which processes inbound calls and evenly distributes them to agents. Using Dial Number Identification, which is a telephone network service, our system can offer screen pops, and, intelligent call routing. ACD reporting is included with the system.

Import Data into system
Data can be easily imported into the system from any type of file format by using the simple-to-use Step wizard.

List Management
TCMS list management system is a comprehensive Contact Management data base system, including campaign management and ACD system management tools. Feature includes a self maintained Do-Not –Call file ,a universal list import function, user defined call disposition codes, product and services tracking and several calls list analysis tools. Powerful reporting capabilities include productivity reports, telemarketing sales journals and sales analysis reports and third party reporting packages. These features are completely menu –driven and eliminate the need for on-site programmers to manipulate data.

Manual Dialing
Manual calls can be placed directly from the agent station, eliminating the need for a separate telephone console and telephone line .All manual calls are documented and system statistics are accumulated. Because all calls are documented, time and money wasted on unauthorized personal calls is eliminated.

Online Field Editing
TCMS system allows screens to be designed to the capability of editing fields in the system either during a call or after call completion from either an agent’s workstation or another employee’s .The supervisor controls this editing.

Open Architecture
Built on industry standards, users can leverage their existing investments in computers, corporate networking and telecommunication technologies by easily integrating with existing-in-house systems and software application. TCMS is client-server based, allowing real-time interactive communications between the serve and the client. As a result all dialing parameters-system wide or campaign specific-and all client features (inbound, outbound, voice record, agent breaks, etc.) Can be modified while the system is running (“on the fly”)

Outbound predictive dialing
To initiate outbound calls, the system monitors several real-time events, including dialing time, average talk time and wrap-up time, and simultaneously predict when to make a call and how many calls to make. By delivering only ”live” calls to agents, efficiency and productivity are maximized. Predictive dialing reports are included in the system.

Outbound Messaging
The system can initiate outbound calls, play a message and offer the caller options to hold or press a phone button to speak to a live agent.

Perfect Call Detection
The system recognizes fax tones, modem tones, SIT tones, and answering machine for additional detection to presents agents with “live” callers.

TCMS® does not require a PBX to provide all the required functions.

Rep Reminder Messaging
Message windows are easily programmed. For example, when an appointment for sales, service or installation is made; a window would “pop” to remind the agent to verify the home address. This valuable features save time and money, by reducing the number of missed appointments due to incorrect and incomplete information. Any call disposition code can have a preprogrammed message reminder.

Reporting PC Compatible
The system provides inherent reporting capabilities that are pc-driven. Third party reports writers, such as Access, Crystal reports and Lightship. Can be used to generate custom end-user reports.

Reminder Messaging
Message windows are easily programmed. For example, when an appointment for sales, service or installation is made; a window would “pop” to remind the agent to verify the home address. This valuable features save time and money, by reducing the number of missed appointments due to incorrect and incomplete information. Any call disposition code can have a preprogrammed message reminder.
Remote Monitoring
TCMS® can be set up to allow supervisors to remotely monitor agent conversations with prospective clients.

A powerful scripting package is included to allow easy production of scripts to meet any business need. Changes can be done “on the fly” while the system is operating.

Screen Design Flexibility
The supervisor can design and change screens and scripts “on –the-fly" working on the regular screens and the confirmation screens. The supervisor can have as much or as little information on the screen as desired, from drop-down boxes to pick list.

Statistics on screen
The TCMS® system’s active color monitor displays agent and campaign statistics. It will also provide a status as to what state the call is in at all times.

Silent Monitoring
Conversations can be monitored both locally and remotely with the ability to break into the conversations if necessary. This features are only ensures quality control, but also can be a powerful tool to train the fundamentals to new agents.

Third Party Verification
TCMS® has the inherent capability of transferring to an off-site location to verify sales or credit card.

Voice recording
The system can digitally-record client/customer conversations for security and verification purposes simply by pressing the “start” and “stop” keys at the agent’s terminal. All voice recording are stored digitally and can be easily retrieved by phone/log number.

Predictive dialer - Features & Benefits

Achievable benefits of Predictive Dialer by TCMS

The benefits of choosing predictive dialing over manual dialing are enormous. There is no doubt that a predictive dialer pays for itself within a matter of months.

  • Identifying business success yardstick – Individual management goals for each campaign.
  • Accurate call monitoring - Lower abandonment, more readily available resources and stricter compliance with service level agreements.
  • Increased efficiency - Accurate algorithm calculation and fast adjustment.
  • Productive contact - Different contact modes applicable in different scenarios, such as B2B and highly targeted campaigns
  • More successful contacts - Adherence to contact time of day restrictions.
  • Increased dial list penetration - Option to play a recorded message when an answering machine is detected
  • Reduced idle time - Significant reduction of unproductive agent time.
  • Per Agent Call Efficiency
  • Agent Retention Rate and Morale
  • Profitability
Web-Enabled Agent & VOIP - capitalize on Internet technology to customize the solution to meet the needs of your business.
Inbound Call Routing and Screen Pop! - Predictive dialing call routing to the agent with caller information automatically displayed on screen.
Scalable - from 4 to 480 seats and up!
Open Architecture - integrate or expand with off-the-shelf products or computers already in your business.
Relational Database - predictive dialing includes MS Access. Also compatible with MS SQL Server (not included).
Inbound/Outbound Call Blending – It is complete suite of product with both outbound and inbound call automation capabilities.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) / ACD (Automated Call Distribution) - user configurable IVR, changeable without stopping the system.
Digitized Recording - record and archive portions of the conversation for later retrieval.
Time Zone Sensitive Dialing - automatically starts and stops dialing a time zone at the user defined time.
Exclusive Appointment Scheduling Calendar - empower your agents to schedule by campaign, by location or sales representative.
Voice Broadcast Messaging - predictive dialing allows you to leave pre-recorded messages to dialer-detected answering machines.
Unlimited Flexible Scripting - branch logic, simple “on the fly” editing and unlimited data capture, use pick lists, modifiable pick lists and open-ended responses to gather critical customer information.
Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously - predictive dialing allows up to 80 with full control over pacing, reporting and data fields of each individual campaign.
Managed Callbacks by Agent or Station - agent-scheduled date and time for automatic callbacks. Edit, delete and re-assign callbacks from the manager station.
Fully Customizable Data Fields - you decide what data you want to accumulate.
Comprehensive Reporting - the information you need to make management decisions immediately.
Compliance with No Call Laws - built in “no call compliance” list management.
Exclusive Voice and Data Transfer and / or Conferencing.
Offsite Third Party Remote Verification.
Silent Monitoring - with break-in capability
More Predictive Dialer System Features
  • Agent Statistics on the screen
• Agent Call Back Scheduling
• Appointment Scheduling
• Agent’s Desk Schedule option
• Agent’s Date and Time Schedule option
• Appointment details with directions for effective scheduling
• Appointment setting with optimized successful scheduling execution
• Application Programmers Interface (API)
• Answering Machine Detection
• Agent Break Control
• Call Blending
• Call Backs
• Call Transfer
• Call Conferencing
• Create a Call List
• Dialer Control from the Administration Console
• Digital Announcement Space
• Dedicated Sales Lines
• Editing Software
• Export Utility Wizard
• Goal Oriented Pacing
• History Table
• Inbound Automated Call Distributor (ACD)
• Import Data
• List Management
• Manual Dialing
• Online Field Editing
• Open Architecture
• Outbound predictive dialing
• Outbound Messaging
• Perfect Call Detection
• PBX Switch Capabilities & Integration
• Rep Reminder Messaging
• Reporting PC Compatible
• Reminder Messaging
• Remote Monitoring
• Scripting
• Screen Design Flexibility
• Statistics on screen
• Silent Monitoring
• Third Party Verification
• Voice recording

Features options of Predictive Dialer system

Feature Standard Optional
Ability to send Screen Data to an external web application  
Agent Connection via IPLC  
Agent Connection via VoIP  
Agent Reporting  
Agent Screen Pop Ups (Caller Information & Scripts)  
Agent Screen Pop’s (Supports 8 Dispositions)  
Analog Line Support/T1/Digital/ISDN/BRI  
Answering Machine Detection  
Call Back Support  
Call Recording (Every Call Recording)  
Call Reporting  
Call Transfer Capability  
Channel Bank Support  
Database Import Support  
Dialogic MSI Support  
Digital Line Support  
Do Not Call List Support  
Domestic & International Call Center Support  
Fax Machine Detection  
Inbound Call Center Support  
Interactive Voice Response Support ( Customer the Call Flow)  
International Call Center Support  
Live Connection Detection  
Manual Dialing Support  
Multiple Campaign Support  
Multiple Line Support  
Outbound Call Center Support  
Remote Agent Support  
System Scheduler  
Skills Based Routing  
Time Zone Support  
Voip Gateway Support  

System Requirements

TCMS Predictive Dialer requires only industry standard hardware. The detailed requirements are shown here. Total Call Management Solutions Inc. can provide a complete, turnkey solution with all hardware and installation, or a customer can purchase any combination of hardware and software from TCMS.

Our System Hardware and Software Requirements General:

Server Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/2003:
Pentium 500MHz or higher processor
Works with Dell, Gateway 2000, Compaq, or Clones
One-Hunder Twenty Eight (128) Megabytes of ECC RAM
3.5" Floppy Drive
CD-Rom Drive
Hayes Compatible Modem
10 GB or larger Hard Drive (Note: 10MB = 1 Hour of voice)
SVGA display card
SVGA display monitor
3COM Ethernet Card

1- Server should be equipped with SCSI Hard Disks/Drive Array (9 GB minimum, 18 GB Recommended) and sufficient free RAM memory for buffering transaction requests. For NetWare, this implies at least 70% of memory assigned to Cache Buffers
2- Initial Basic System Installation requires 200MB Server Disk Space
3- PC LAN (Ethernet)

Telephony Server (Dialer)

Rack Mounted Redundant Industrial PC
• Pentium III 500MHz CPU, 65MB RAM
• RAID Level 0 4 GB Hard Disk with RAID Controller
• 14 PCI Slot Back plane Chassis
• Windows NT/ Windows 2000
• Dialogic Window NT Driver Set
• Dialogic DTI241SC-T1 Voice Analysis Cards (RequiresT1)
• Dialogic DTI240SC-T1/MSI180SC Voice Delivery Cards (RequiresT1)
• 3COM 10/100 PCI Network Card
• Direct All Digital Link to PBX (unless stand alone)
• Agent Voice Monitoring via PBX (unless stand alone)
• If VOIP need gateway on server side

Call Center Supervisor:
• Windows NT/2000 (3.5.1 or 4.0)
• Pentium III 500 MHZ or better recommended
• 64MB RAM (minimum), 128MB RAM recommended
• Color VGA Display, 640x480 16 Colors
• Mouse
• Microsoft Windows NT Service Packs Installed
• TCP/IP Protocol

Visual Monitoring and Coaching Station:
• Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000
• Pentium 200 Mhz (minimum) Pentium/Celeron 366MHZ or better recommended
• 32MB RAM (minimum), 64MB RAM recommended
• Color VGA Display, 800x600 16 Colors
• Mouse
• Microsoft Windows 95 Service Packs Installed
• TCP/IP Protocol

System Layout

Server Based Inside the Country

Server Based Outside the Country (VOIP)

  Predictive Dialer Pricing - Software
One Server can accommodate up to 96 lines per computer (686) incase of DS3.
In most cases Automated Dialing,& Automated Attendants use a single line. (1:1 Ratio)
Predictive & Power Dialing (live call transfer with data pop up) need 2 lines per agent (2:1 Ratio)
Interactive Voice Response with Phone Switch Integration requires 2 lines (2:1 Ratio).
Multiple systems can be combined on a single server with multiple Dialogic Boards.
Three hours of Telephone Technical Support is included with each Software purchase.
See additional documentation for Predictive Dialing, Phone Switches Integration, VOIP Configuration, Web Integration.
Complete Pages 1 & 2 and Mail, Fax, or E-mail to TCMS Inc

1.SOFTWARE: Number of Telephone Lines:
Includes: CD, Manual, Key, & 3 Hours of Tech Support 2
Auto Dialer/Auto Attendant / Predictive Dialer/ Power Dialer/ IVR/ ACD/ CTI Tool Kit/ Phone switch Integration / VolP $195
Quantity: 2 4 8 12 16 24 48 72 96
Total Software:                  
Software Set up Charges                  
Buyers do not need any phone switch to use TCMS CTI software products. In the case that a Buyer has a Particular phone switch, TCMS (CTI TOOL KIT) Software interfaces with 300+ different phone switches all over the world.

(If Required) Name of Phone switch to be Integrated:

2. VOICE BOARDS: Multiple voice boards may be combined in a computer. Ex: Use 3 Dialogic D/4PCI Voice Boards (4-lines each) to create a 12-line system. (See additional List of Dialogic Boards).
Choose Model based on # of phone lines needed, slot type available, new or used, & quantity. Compute Total (Check inside your computer for availability of white PCI slots or black ISA slots and for size requirements, then choose the appropriate Voice Board model and circle the price. Used Voice Boards are subject to availability).
Intel Dialogic
# of Lines Slot

Height x Length


Proline/2V 2 ISA 4" x 8" $ 460 $ 290 = $
Dialog/4 4 ISA 4.5" x 7" $ 570 $300 = $
D/41H 4 ISA 4.5" x 7" $620 $300 = $
D/4PCI 4 PCI 4" x 7" $ 695 N/A = $
D/120JCT-LS 12 PCI 4.25” x 13" $ 2,795 $2,095 = $
D/160SC-LS 16 ISA 4.5" x 13" $ 3,395 $2,195 = $
D/240SC-T1 24 ISA 4.5" x 13" $ 4,795 $2,295 = $
D/240PCI-T1 24 PCI 4" x 13" $ 4,795 $2,695 = $
D/480SC-2T1 48 ISA 4.5" x 13" $8,595 $3,995 = $
D/480JCT-2T1 48 PCI 4.5 x 13" $7,400 N/A = $
Upgrade       $180 $180 =  

3. COMPUTERS:(see specifications in the brochure) Price Used Quantity Total
Use your own Computer (see requirements below *) -0-
Purchase our Industrial Strength Server with Tape Backups (See Details)
$1,995 = $
Purchase Desktop Computer (See Details for more options) $825 = $
* Computer Minimum Requirements:
Buyer will need a computer with Windows 2000 or XP with at least an 800 MHZ processor, 128MB RAM, 1 gigabyte of AVAILABLE hard drive space, CD-ROM Drive, Super VGA Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Sound Blaster-compatible Sound Card, Microphone, Speakers, and Surge Protector and/or Battery Backup for the electrical & telephone lines. Notes: More MB of RAM may be required if Buyer is using a large database of telephone numbers. Prices & specifications are subject to change.

TOTALS: Order Date: /    /    /
1) Software Total from Page
2) Voice Board Total from Page 1
Voice Board
3) Computer Total from Page 1
4) Script Male Voice ________ Female Voice _________
Circle Shipping: 3-day... ($35) 2-Day... ( $45) Std Overnight... ($55) Priority Overnight... ($65 ) Use your FedEx Account #_______________ or Charge Actual Shipping Cost
No tax for resellers outside California or if reseller
has a resale certificate
Sales Tax
Check: Payable in advance to "TCMS Inc."
COD: Cashier’s Check or Money Order to "TCMS, Inc."
Credit Card: Visa ----- Master-Card ----- Discover ----- American Express ----- Diners Club
  Credit Card #___________________________________ Expiration Date :_________________
Customers ordering by credit card have an additional one page authorization form to fill out.
  I authorize $______________ to be charged to my credit card account.
  your signature) _____________________________
Reseller & Buyer Info:
Reseller Label Name To Use:    
Reseller Name:    
Reseller Company:    
Reseller Address:    
City: State: Zip:
Work Tel: Home Tel:  
Fax: E-mail:  
Buyers Name    
Buyers Company:    
Buyers Address:    
City: State: Zip:
Work Tel: Home Tel:  
Fax: E-mail:    
Ship to Reseller Drop Ship to Buyer Hold for Pickup
Signature Name Date

Compare Our Systems to Others in the Market

TCMS Corporation: The Competition
2.8 GHz Processor 1.5 MHz Processor
80 GB Hard Drive 20 GB Hard Drive
Windows 2000Pro OR XP Pro Operating System Windows 95, 98SE
All Software preloaded on system with manuals and disks provided Software loaded onto system--no disks or manuals provided
Lifetime Warranty on Dialogic Cards and Software 1 Year Warranty
Free Technical Support Technical Support Additional
Free Personalized 1 on 1 Training Training Additional
Free Marketing Consultation No marketing Consultation
Customized Voice Over Recordings Canned Recordings (if they have 2 clients that sell widgets, you'll both receive the exact SAME recording)
Third party Database Integration No Interface
Fax Harvesting Capability None
Real time Call Transfer (No delay time) Delayed Call Transfer causing drop calls (using phone co Centrex)
Voice Mail (Multiple campaigns) GUI Voice Mail
Answering Machine Detection Answering Machine Detection
"Do Not Call" Maintenance Do Not call maintenance
Multiple Campaign Capability Single Campaign at a time
Build in Backup System(Seagate Tape Backup) No Backup in case of System failure
Free Customized web site for your business none
30 Days of free Internet marketing for your web site none
Free Hosting for first 30 days none
One common platform for all applications & Modules None available


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