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Predictive Dialer server
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The Case for a Predictive Dialer The Case for a Predictive Dialer
Smart Use of Predictive Dialer Solutions Boosts Outbound Campaign Effectiveness Smart Use of Predictive Dialer Solutions Boosts Outbound Campaign Effectiveness
Smart Use of Predictive Dialer Solutions Boosts Outbound Campaign Effectiveness Predictive Dialer
Call Center Software ($195/Port one time cost)

Predictive DialerThe Predictive Dialer


As the telemarketing and communications industries continued to evolve over the past few years, new innovative technologies such as predictive dialers have driven both sectors in new directions.

That is because predictive dialers, and other call center software and products, are making telemarketing more productive than ever. These computerized telemarketing tools, led by the predictive dialer, are increasing the integration between the Internet and telephone systems that enable telemarketers to spend less time dialing and more time speaking to potential customers.

In fact, the predictive dialer was developed to dial numbers automatically and then monitor calls and the types of answers it receives when dialing. Before the predictive dialer, it was not possible to connect telemarketing agents to the call once before recognizing that a real person is on the line. Now, just a few short years after the emergence of predictive dialers used in many call centers is helping telemarketers around the glove maximize their efforts and waste less time dialing non-responsive numbers.

Predictive dialers, systems that automatically place outbound calls and deliver answered calls to agents, are the key to using your sales force time as efficiently as possible in your outbound call center, according to industry leader TCMS.

Perhaps the industry has been waiting for the development of a hosted predictive dialer system because the primary needs are minimal. The only thing needed is a computer, Internet connection, and a telephone line for each telemarketing agent.

Firms looking to increase efficiency are more and more turning to products such as TCMS (Total Call Management Solutions) Predictive Dialer that receives outbound and inbound dialing capabilities, and can integrate the system with T1 or analog lines without having a separate database server.

Other features include query-based dialing, and time zone sensitivity. You'll also have the capability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, alternate number dialing, and monitor and record calls. This setup is an easy-to-use system and requires minimal effort to get started.

This CRM software drastically reduces the number of answering machines, voice mails, busy signals and hang-ups that your telemarketers may encounter during the workday, according to the company.

According to a recent study, a predictive dialer can dramatically increase the time an agent spends on communication rather than waiting. The survey indicated an increase in talk time from twenty minutes in the hour to almost fifty.

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Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To see more of his articles, please visit Tim Gray’s columnist page.

Predictive Dialer server
We are extremely happy with the TCMS Dialers , to conduct a          HARD       TARGET BROADCAST to parents of college-bound sophomores, juniors and seniors in High School.
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Predictive Dialer server  

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