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You may not know it, but IVR solutions are a part of the most major businesses today. Many companies have IVR solutions on their phone systems. The problems that they don’t face include

• Calls not routed to the right department
• Inefficient call centers
• Unprofitable inbound lead generation
• And more

So, what are IVR solutions?

IVR stands for interactive voice response. IVR solutions are systems that are put together in order to make your business more efficient. To give you an idea of what IVR solutions are right for your business, let’s look at some possible applications for IVR solutions.

Inbound call centers. IVR solutions are perfect for creating a more efficient inbound call center. With IVR solutions in place, callers can get a menu of choices to decide whom they want to talk to.

More advanced IVR solutions allow callers to input their information into the system. For example, many financial institutions ask callers to input their account numbers before talking to a representative.

This allows the representative to have their information on hand to help customer immediately.

IVR solutions can also be used to gather information. For example, an IVR system can be set up for taking surveys. Calls can call into the system and then the IVR system can prompt them with questions.

This type of IVR system is made so that callers can input their answers with their telephones or by speaking into the system.

And these are only a couple of IVR applications. No matter what your needs are, there are IVR solutions for you.

At TCMS we offer a variety of phone solutions that are geared to just one thing—increasing your bottom line. These other phone solutions include:

• Auto dialers
• Predictive dialers
• Power dialers
• IVR (interactive voice response) systems
• Voice mail systems
• Automated attendants
• PBX Integration with 300 + Phone switches
• Fax broadcasting & Fax on Demand
• Web Integration

We have also created industry-specific phone dialing solutions, such as:

• Insurance
• Health Care
• Education
• Automotive
• Construction
• Corporate Communications
• Electronic media
• Entertainment
• Government
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Military and Armed Services
• Utility
• Print Media
• Product Distribution
• Retail Services
• Social Services
• Sports
• Telecommunications & Phone Companies
• Transportation

If you are interested in any of these products for your business or industry, why don’t you call us at 800-984-7001? We are always there to answer any question you might have about any of our phone solutions.

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