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Some businesses might be unfamiliar with IVR software. To remedy this, we have compiled this list of frequently asked questions about IVR software.

Although it doesn’t go into full detail about IVR systems and IVR software, it does give you a general idea about what it does.

Q: What is IVR software?
A: IVR software is basically software that allows callers to interact with an automated inbound call system.

Q: What does IVR stand for?
A: IVR stands for interactive voice response, so an IVR system allows interaction through voice prompts or pressing a touchtone phone.

Q: Is IVR software for outbound systems?
A: No. An IVR is used for inbound calls. It can be used to route calls to the right person or department within a large company.

Q: What are the main uses for IVR software?
A: There are many uses for IVR software. You can often see IVR software used for:

• Automated call routing
• Taking surveys
• Tele-banking
• Making payments over the telephone
• Business communications
• And more

Q: Can IVR software be integrated with my current phone system?
A: That depends on the company selling the IVR software. Companies, like TCMS, also sell PBX phone switches with 300+ legacy phones. These switches can integrate your current phone system with the IVR software.

Q: What else does TCMS offer?
A: At TCMS we offer a variety of phone solutions that are geared to just one thing—increasing your bottom line. These other phone solutions include:

• Auto dialers
• Predictive dialers
• Power dialers
• IVR (interactive voice response) systems
• Voice mail systems
• Automated attendants
• PBX Integration with 300 + Phone switches
• Fax broadcasting & Fax on Demand
• Web Integration

Q: Do you have products for specific industries?
A: Yes we do. We have created industry-specific phone dialing solutions, such as:

• Mortgage
• Insurance
• Health Care
• Education
• Automotive
• Construction
• Corporate Communications
• Electronic media
• Entertainment
• Government
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Military and Armed Services
• Utility
• Print Media
• Product Distribution
• Retail Services
• Social Services
• Sports
• Telecommunications & Phone Companies
• Transportation

Q: How do I contact TCMS if I am interested in your products?
A: If you are interested in any of these products for your business or industry, why don’t you call us at 800-984-7001? We are always there to answer any question you might have about any of our phone solutions.

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