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Get your Call Center Consulting from TCMS
Get your Call Center Consulting from TCMS
  Call Center Software ($195/Port one time cost)

Leaders in Contact / Call Center Consulting
Welcome to Total Call Management Solutions


Since 1999, TCMS has provided Strategic direction, analysis and tactical business superiority in contact center needs assessment, Analysis, Design, customizations , efficiency & effectiveness focus for developing and maintaining balance in Customer Service Delivery. We have delivered call center consulting engagements to firms in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Our call center consulting experience provides cost effective innovative change, insights and practical knowledge to help you organize and maintain an effective optimal model for your business growth and flexibility.

Our Experience relating to Call Centers & Contact Centers

TCMS has managed the implementation of brand new contact / call center locations for businesses, non profit and government organizations in diverse industries. Our team members are skilled project managers with total expertise in managing the complexities of call center start ups or optimizing the exsisting ones, implementations have ranged in size from 25 workstations to over 1500 Seats. Our realistic, carefully managed project plans eliminate expensive and frustrating delays. We understand the complexities of integrating new staff with existing processes while leveraging new technologies.

Key Focus Areas in Call Center Consulting

  • Call queuing
  • Call routing
  • Agent empowerment
  • Workforce Management
  • Call Center business flows
  • Efficiency in point of contact while empowering the agent to better serve each customer.
  • Web integration
  • Optimizing customer delivery that leverages the most up-to-date information about your customers, business operations and performance reviews.
  • Call Center / Contact Center Administration
  • Call monitoring, Recording  &  reporting
  • Effective performance measurement and efficiency gains in the contact center.
  • Real-time view of agent status by floor plan,
  • Real time visibility of service levels and agent occupancy, and business operations reviews.
  • Professional Services for integration solutions  
  • Open interaction architecture through our Application Program Interfaces (API)
  • Asterisks open source incorporation.

Why Call / Contact Center Consulting

  • Changing Markets
  • Voice & Data world have converged or voice has merged into the data
  • Blurry lines between voice , data & coming video
  • Vendors are transforming so expanded scopes, product additions, acquisitions & partnerships.
  • Where ACD (Automated Call Distribution) ends & IVR (Interactive Voice Response) start.
  • Where does CTI fit in between?
  • Software as a service, standards, & open architectures.
  • Platform choices.
  • Competition is driving rapid innovation & more standards.
  • IVR vendors are not IVR vendors anymore, have expanded into as bigger switch vendors or expanded suite of products.
  • Hosted solutions have made a big play.
  • Consolidation of industry in performance management tools so there are fewer bigger players.
  • Wide options availability
  • While you can still pick and choose elements, getting them to work together may not be easy.
  • Risks ( Business , Technical , Implementation , Cultural , Financial )
  • Location ( Hosted , Managed Services , Premises , Hybrid )
  • Functional Range (Macro Level – Suite – B to B , B to C )
  • Micro Level – Specific needs
  • Scope ( Single Site – multi site) , (Centralized – Distributed) , (Call Center – Contact Center)
  • Technical Complexity  ( Architecture , Integration)
  • Tools & resources for development , management  & operations
  • Implementation & Technical Support  ( Time Frame , Approach , Responsiveness , Resources)
  • Roles & Responsibilities ( Accountability )
  • Buy vs Build
  • Premises , Hosted or managed services
  • Answers to competitors outsourced call centers strategies
  • Best of breed vs suite of products ( Bundled , pre integrated , or vertical applications)

 Calls/ Contact Center Consulting Business Benefits
With our focus in customer service, collections, sales and telemarketing goals—combined with our expertise in facilitating a variety of consultative approaches to enhancing your business processes—results in
Cost savings
Due to re-usable applications that tailor previously deployed, proven applications to specific needs
Productivity improvement
Benefiting from the deployment of custom applications developed from the "ground up" to meet your specific needs.
Increased campaign performance
Resulting from the integration of extended capabilities into our core products
Rapid issue resolution
By remote services including consulting and configuration
Improved contact center effectiveness
By implementation of recommendations produced during contact center audits

Our competitive advantage & how we can help?

  1. We have exclusive knowledgebase to bridge the strategy with the practical tactics.
  2. Focused on-premises , remote or hybrid processes and highly interactive resulting in three key benefits:
    1. Strategic best practices and how their application to the client’s call/contact center is detected early on in the process.
    2. Involvement of your management & staff members in the discovery process with the consulting team.
    3. Basis of change management is set in the early phases with on-site partner experts working hand-and-hand with client staff. This begins to shorten the gap between the strategic recommendations to tactical implementation.

Client Accomplishments & Testimonials
Our track record of proven results speaks for itself…examples of client accomplishments and testimonials are highlighted below.  For additional client listings, click on  Clients

Our Industry Expertise with key focus on Call & Contact Centers
We have expertise in the following industry B2C & B2B sectors:

  • Automobile & transportation Dispatch centers
  • Banks and Investment Co’s
  • Communications & Wireless
  • Consumer Goods ,Services & catalogs
  • Credit Card processing & service centers
  • Distribution Management
  • Electronics, Hardware Technology and Software,
  • Electric & Utilities
  • Energy Distribution & Delivery Services
  • Financial products & Services
  • Government Contracts
  • Government Medicare 
  • HealthCare Services
  • High Tech Service Providers Equipment & Application
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical services & Medical Products
  • Mortgage & Home Finance 
  • Outsourcers Service Firm Evaluation & Selection
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medicine drugs
  • Property & Real estate , casualty insurance products
  • Retail & Consumer sales
  • Tourism & travel
  • Specific & Specialty Software

We Welcome the Opportunity to Talk with You
 We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements confidentially.
As the (Founder/ Principal), I invite you to critically examine your customer service delivery performance.  If it’s not where you need it to be, Contact us at (800) 984-7001, or email us at to learn how we can help you.
We look forward hearing form you.

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