Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software
Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software
Check out our autodialer software
Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software Check out our autodialer software
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Autodialer software

Autodialer software provides automated telephone calling and answering services. The purpose of this review was to explore the potential use of autodialing systems. Autodialer software describes computer control systems that automatically place outbound calls based on records selected from the database. Inbound calls received by these systems can be routed for an available agent for answering.

Autodialer software is able to recognize live customers, unanswered calls, busy signals, answering machines and respond to each type of situation in a predetermined way

Autodialer software features integrated with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice response (IVR), Voice Mail, PBX & Databases.

Autodialer software features:

ACD Hunt Groups

Message review

Analog Line Support

Message reminder

Auto mode will start & stop dialing on pre-defined schedule

Message skip

Audiotext - User configured

Message stop

Automated Attendant

Message forwarding

Automatic message deletion upon review

Message reply

Automatic line reconfiguration

Message deletion

Balance Due Message Playback

Message pause

Broadcast Message Support (For Police/Emergencies)

Message box number - up to 11 digits

Busy Redial Support

Message arrival indicator

Broadcast box control

Message waiting option

Busy Control

Minimum message size parameter

Call Transfer Control

Multiple application support

Call Reporting SMDR

Multi-Language support

Call Reporting

Multi-level Bulletin Board

Caller ability to enter DTMF Responses

Multiple Campaign Support
Caller request to be transferred to a live operator
Multi-Tennant lines
Cellular phone notification
Name Announcement
Certified Messages
Network Support
No answer control
Custom keypad mapping
No Answer Redial Support
Date and time stamp
Notification with message review
Database Import Support
Notification time set
Dial Prefix Support
Notification control option
Dialout Scheduler
One Key Call Return
Digital Line Support (T1/E1)
On Screen Statistics
Do Not Call List Support
Operator immediate transfer
Fax Broadcasting
Out dial prefix control
DTMF time-out control
Paging line control
DNIS Support (T1/E1)
Paging - dual
E-mail Notification
Password changing
E-mail to Fax Support
Payment Confirmation Message (Payment was received)
Fax Back
Payment Reminder Message
Fax Broadcasting
PBX and Key systems supported
Fax On Demand
Personal greeting
Fax to E-mail
Personal Secretary (Different operator per mailbox)
Fax Detection and Harvesting
Personalized supervisor screen
Fax Mailbox Support
Play Different Messages to an Answering Machine
Play Different Message to Live Person
Group list distribution
Prepaid Calling
Group list creation and modification
Priority messages
Guest message boxes
Private messages
Hang-up option control
Prompt editing
Holiday message control
Reach out calling
Host communication option
Record Caller Responses
ISDN PRI Support
Record compression option
ISDN PRI Redirecting Number Support
Recording time - variable per subscriber
Input time-out control
Remote maintenance support
Interactive voice response
Retry control
Keyboard disable
Re-paging on busy control
Line prompt control
Text To Speech
Line broadcast control
Time dependent parameter
Line operator transfer
Time dependent prompts
Loop control
TimeZone Support
Maintenance hour control
Time announce specifications
Manager’s password
Transfer prefix control
Maximum message size parameter
User friendly set up screens
Message appending
Voice messaging
Message deny (plays message count, but won’t allow listening)
Wake-up call interval
Ring counter control
Web Interface for Administration
Rotary phone support
Subscriber usage data
Security codes - individualized
Supervisor extension designation
Send multiple message feature
Supervisor password
Silence time-out during record (adjustable)
Supervisor paging tone control
Skip forward/reverse (message review forward/reverse)
Supervisor box designation
Speech Recognition
System full indicator
Subscriber notification control
System indicators
Subscriber option control
Subscriber name recording

Some feature of autodialer software accessibility requires support by PBX or CO, so all features may not be available in all configurations. Previous software versions may not support all currently listed features. Similarly, newer versions of autodialer software may contain features not listed. Please call for the newest list of features or if a feature you are interested in does not appear on this list.

Subject to change without notice.

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