Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing ServicesAuto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services
Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services
Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services
Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services
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  Auto Dialer (Automated Call Center) Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services
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Auto Dialers Call Center Telemarketing Services

Auto dialer designed by TCMS, Corp. specializes in automated dialer software, telemarketing and lead generation software plus office equipment to help grow your business. We offer an array of high-technology products including auto dialer, Automated Attendants, Predictive power Dialers, Automated Reminder Systems, PBX phone systems, and many more.

TCMS auto dialers call numbers from a computer managed list and distribute these calls to your agents. There are several types of auto dialing. Preview auto dialing allows your phone agents to view the call information prior to the call being placed. The agent can decide not to initiate the call. Progressive dialing passes the call information to the agent at the same time the number is being dialed by the phone dialer. The agent usually has a few seconds to view the call information, but cannot stop the call process.

Watch Your Business Grow While Your Hot Leads Roll In!
System of Calls
per Day
Response %  # of Leads
per Day
4 Line System Up to 4000 Up to 1% Up to 40 Hot Leads!
8 Line System Up to 8000 Up to 1% Up to 80 Hot Leads!
12 Line System Up to 12000 Up to 1% Up to 120 Hot Leads

Advertising Cost

Daily paper 2X2 AD X 52  =$32,980
Radio 60 Minutes X 20 X1 YR  =$24,564
Double the amount in major metro areas  =$38,225
Direct Mail Yellow Pages One display Ad X I YR  =$4,112
Telemarketers 1 PT X 1 YR  =$17,877
TV 60 Minutes X 20 X 1MO  =$28,000

Auto dialers Software $ 300 to $ 500 per month for 4 lines Phone billing and cost of electricity (APPROXIMATE)

" Bottom line of auto dialers" What is the value of the Office Automation for your business
 1. What is your average profit per sale: $ *
 2. If you have averaged 15 to 30 leads per day, qualified to your specifications in your marketing area, how many of these could you convert to sales?
 3. No of sales per day X Profit per sale
 4. No 3 totals X 22 working days per month
 5. No 4 totals X 12 months = total profits/year $
Fill in the fields marked with * and hit enter


Auto dialers can deliver messages or get responses from members, employees, customers, and prospects.


Automated attendant auto dialers can answer your telephone 24 hrs a day. It can offer menu choices of information, take voice mail messages and even transfer calls.

There are varieties of ways outbound auto dialing can function:

Deliver a message when the telephone is answered.

Ask someone to press 1 before hearing the complete message.

After one or more questions, ask for voice or touch-tone responses.

Transfer calls to a live operator immediately or after a message.

TCTECNO auto dialer can detect a live answer vs. an answering machine.

You may record/listen to messages and information by telephone, or if you have sound blaster 16 (or compatible), by microphone or speaker.

Voice responses may be retrieved from any phone with a secret pass code.

Outbound auto dialers may operate at same time as inbound Automated Attendant if using separate lines.

TCTECNO lead generating software is capable of handling 2 to 96 telephone lines simultaneously Touch-tone key responses are stored in your computer for retrieval.

Time of day to begin and end calling session can be pre programmed by the operator.

TCTECNO auto dialers mark phone numbers that are busy, unanswered & faxes.

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