Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls
Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone callsAutodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls
Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls
Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls
Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls
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  Auto Dialer (Automated Call Center) Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls
Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Product Tour
Autodialer handles inbound and outbound phone calls Brochure: PDF|HTML
  Call Center Software ($195/Port one time cost)

Auto Dialer


TCMS phone system is a state-of-the-art auto dialer that handles inbound and outbound phone calls for small to large call centers.


Autodialer can deliver messages or get responses from members, employees, customers, and prospects.


Automated attendant can answer your telephone 24 hrs a day. Offer menu choices of information take voice mail messages and even transfer calls.

TCMS system can also be used to get responses, such as Yes or No. When autodialer calls it can simply leave a message or it can ask for a response. You may obtain responses by recording their voices, asking them to press a key, to respond to choices or transferring to a live operator. Just record your messages, select which group (Data Bases) you want to call, when you want to start and stop, and then let TCMS get to work calling everybody.


Outbound autodialer is used primarily for two purposes:

1. To deliver a message or reminder, or get a response, from known groups of people.
2. To tele-market products or services to large number of randomly dialed numbers.

Outbound auto dialer can function in varieties of ways:

Autodialer delivers a message when the telephone is answered.

Asks someone to press 1 before hearing the complete message.

After one or more questions, asks for voice or touch-tone responses.

Transfers calls to a live operator immediately or after a message.

TCMS autodialer software can detect a live answer vs. an answering machine.

You may record/listen to messages and information by telephone, or if you have sound blaster 16 (or compatible), by microphone or speaker.

Voice responses may be retrieved from any phone with a secret pass code.

Outbound autodialer may operate at same time as inbound Automated Attendant if using separate lines.

TCMS lead generating software is capable of handling 2 to 96 telephone lines simultaneously Touch-tone key responses are stored in your computer for retrieval.

Time of day to begin and end calling session can be pre programmed by the operator.

TCMS computer telephony marks phone numbers that are busy, unanswered, & faxes.

TCMS auto dialer will retry telephone numbers that were busy or unanswered, as many times as the operator requests.

auto dialer system will allow you to import databases of names and telephone numbers or you may enter that information directly.

Our system allows many different data bases (groups) of phone numbers) to reside within the system at the same time.

It will allow you to call up to 10,000 phone numbers with in one command. For example call all numbers with in 321 Prefix from 345-1111 through 345-9999. You may choose up to 12 prefixes at any 1 time. The numbers are scrambled before random call begins.

TCMS autodialer system allows the system operator to call the system from a remote location to record a message, select which database (group of people) to call, and then activate TCMS to begin calling immediately.



Inbound Automated Attendant

1. Answers phone with menu choices.
2. Receives voice mail messages.
3. Transfers calls.

TCMS can answer your telephone calls 24 hours a day, with a simple message or Auto dialer can offer callers a menu of choices of information and receive voice mail messages.

Inbound Automated attendant answers in various ways:

With an initial welcome greeting and voice message.

With an initial welcome greeting and menu choices.

With an initial welcome greeting, menu choices and voice mail.

With an initial welcome greeting, menu choices, voice mail and live call transfer.

With any combination or options mentioned above.

  • You may have up to 10,000 Voice mailboxes. Calling party can access by voice mail box numbers, or if they do not know the number, they may search by name or listing.

  • Voice mailboxes are setup on the monitor's screen. The manager assigns the Voice Mail BOX numbers and pass codes for users. You may use up to 5 digits.

  • Staff Voice mail (Menu choice #9) operates differently than choices calling party will hear "If you know the voice mail box number of the person you wish to reach, you may enter it now, but if you want to search by name, press1 or to search by listing, press2"

  • Voice mailbox users may have calls transferred to another telephone number.

  • Users may turn the call transfer "on" or "off". If call transfer is off, the call will go directly to his voice mail, but if call transfer is on, the call will be transferred to dial a phone number, when answered, the call will be disconnected from your phone lines. If however there is no answer or busy signal, the call will then go to the user's voice mailbox for the caller to leave a voice message.

  • At any time you may call in from any location and change the telephone number where calls are to be transferred.

  • Inbound Automated Attendant may operate at the same time as Outbound Auto dialing, If using separate lines.

  • Users can access the voice mail boxes

  • At computer's screen.

  • Call in software through any touch tone phone press # pound key enter voice mail box number and then the pass code.

We supply/You supply


TCMS autodialer Software on CD ROM
Dialogic voice boards
Manuals & One year Warranty
Three hours of Telephone Technical Support ( Additional support is available as well)

Minimum Requirement of Auto dialer system?

Pentium computer with windows NT ,Windows 2000 or Windows XP, Minimum requirements to operate the operating system on your server or computer, Hard Drive, CD ROM drive and One or more telephone lines.

Recommended: Sound Blaster 16 Card, Microphone, & speakers.
Notes: The Dialogic Voice Boards require an IRQ and an ISA slot inside your computer.


Other features of the autodialer

Dual Message Delivery
Call transfer facility
User Friendly
Reasonable prices without compromising quality
New number entries
Customized calling lists
Do not call list
Response to "Busy and no answer Calls"
Clock Timer
True Voice activation
Number search, Number delete
Number sort, ETC

Dual Message Delivery

Autodialer software is equipped with the flexibility of delivering one message to a person who picks up the phone himself and says, "hello" and/or a totally different message to someone who has a answering machine on the job. For instance, George picks up the phone, on ring, and says, "hello". TCMS predictive dialing knows its job now, as it starts delivering the "hello" message to George.

"Hello. If you are paying too much as a monthly payment for your house and interested in reducing the monthly mortgage payment please press 1.

Now please let us know what phone number would you wish for us to call you back to know the date and best time of the day for us to contact your...pause...record. Thank you very much. One of our credit managers will get back to you shortly."

TCMS autodialer still knows its job. The message that it starts delivering this time could be,

"Hi! This is Allan calling from ABC MORTGAGE BANKING. If you are interested in lowering your mortgage monthly payments or interested in Having a line of credit, please call our toll free number to consult with one of our credit managers.

Now, no matter who, picks up the phone the message will get delivered in the right context. Thereby expanding the lead generation capabilities manifold.

Call transfer

If the need is to transfer outbound or inbound prospects to a live operator, TCMS automated call center handles that pretty smoothly. If 'prospect' become 'customer' with the desire to speak to a live operator, then the feature facilitates them to do so. For instance, one may speak to the prospect immediately while lead is "hot" or one may get his name and number and call him back in the next 24 hours and still have a "hot" prospect.

User Friendly

Amazingly easy to operate, autodialer system virtually guides the user through the operations. 'Pop-up menus' continually monitor and warn one of the things he would have forgotten.

With build in Audio and Video support it makes interactive software with minimal Level of expertise required.

When doing task-intensive commands, a progress bar shows the result and reporting. Many systems in the market do not have a progress status screen or Interactive built-in support system. With the TCMS auto dialing the problem is nipped right at the bud. By far the easiest PC-based system, with its Windows 98 based program, TCMS products are as simple as 'point-and-click'.

Isn't it a real joy to be able to GET THINGS DONE more efficiently and effectively!

Competitive prices without compromising quality

TCMS call center products are priced lower than most Windows-based systems, available in the market. In fact, many 4-line Windows-based systems are priced way out of the line. Fact remains that TCMS systems are also the most efficient systems around today. Our systems are compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

One could look at DOS-based systems (using old 286, 386, or 486 computers) to save money, but how does one make out if they are using antiquated, out-of-date PC or DOS programs using old technology? Not worth the risk!

Please check out our prices or call in to speak to our consultants.
There may be a bigger surprise for you, in store!

New number entries

Besides the random-number-generation calling method, one may also enter new numbers manually, or import them from a standard computer in ASCII text files.

One may use floppy disks or CD ROM'S from his own database or from 'list' companies. These ASCII text files could be imported into the main computer hard drive to build on database.

Customized calling lists

The most valuable and unique feature of the TCMS predictive-dialer device is the convenience of building one's own calling lists.

By dialing all of the possible numbers in any particular prefix, one can arrive at a list of all working numbers. The opportunities, however, are camouflaged in the unlisted numbers.

TCMS automated call center can run through and call, let's say, all 10,000 numbers in any particular prefix and sort all the numbers into various files; like numbers with answering machines, numbers on facsimile machines, numbers not in service, and numbers where people answered in "hello". The system builds various lists on its first pass through each prefix.

End of the day, it provides one with more 'good numbers' than from any other source. By filing the various lists that TCMS autodialer has created, the next time one may call that particular prefix, one only targets and calls the good working phone numbers. Also, the facsimile numbers are now separated from the phone numbers and can be used to send across printed literature.

Where does one put this feature to use?

Measure the efficacy of customized calling lists in Telemarketing, Lead Generation, lead generating, marketing, Surveys, Polls, Appointment Reminders and Emergency Notification.

Do not call list

Entering numbers that one does not want the system to call may create a "Do Not Call" list. Fire, ambulance, police, hospitals, other emergency numbers would make their way into this list.

One can then be assured that the system will not be calling these numbers on its own. The TCMS software will automatically check the numbers on this list and never resort to calling them. Many states request that one maintains a "never call" list. With this system handy, satisfying such a request is simple and easy.


Other Features of autodialer

  • Response to "Busy and no answer Calls"
  • Clock Timer
  • True Voice activation
  • Number search, Number delete
  • Number sort, ETC
  • Business Communication Solutions

Special Features of autodialer

If one has special applications that are not list, we could custom program the applications. Just call on us with the details of what you wish to accomplish and we will have our programmer dedicated to the task.


TCMS automated call center provides on line reporting as campaigns are under progress by giving minute-to-minute information

  • How many calls being done?
  • How many calls being answered by live person?
  • How many disconnected numbers?
  • How many answered?
  • How many Fax numbers?
  • How much average time spent by system per call?
  • All calls accountability!
  • Successful responses!
  • Disconnected 3-tone signals/Phone company intercepts
  • Business/Answering machine
  • Answering machines
  • Busy signals
  • Consent Denial
  • Not yet dialed numbers

  • Add, Find, Delete, or list no's that you do not want to call

    And more…………….
    One can also export above mentioned results into the third party software applications provided they have export utilities, maintained Contact data base, where records can be kept for all follow up responses and campaign results.


Benefits and advantages of an Automated Call Center

  • Deflated overhead costs.
  • Round the clock performance 24 / 7 , 365 Days a Year
  • No message interpretation.
  • No frustrating dialing, redialing, ringing, busies lines and no response.
  • Consistency of performance.
  • No weekly payrolls. Up to 4000 contacts per day on 4-line system.
  • No more frustrating telemarketing calls.
  • Assured flow of valid and qualified sales leads on daily basis.
  • Capable of boosting sales bottom lines by 500 to 800%.
  • Effectively incorporating Customer Relations management, further strengthening the cross selling and optimized service.
  • Flexibility to launch telemarketing campaigns at the click of the mouse (windows based).
  • Simple, do it yourself kits ready for use.
  • Multi-lingual communication.

In Conclusion

Absolutely no other automated call processing system will come close to our Prices, Features, Ease of operation, Value, Efficiency, and not least Our Customer service, Friendly and well trained Customer and Support department, our Customer service Consultants take pride in servicing our accounts and maintain an on going business relationship to meet with your future needs of high end products for bigger automated Call Centers.

TCMS telemarketing software is so many features rich that we have to have a lot of space on website to explain or to list them all, without overwhelming you.

Bottom line TCMS autodialer software will increase your profits and profitability by further decreasing overheads of hiring extra help.


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